Friday, March 10, 2017

Overheard in the classroom

Kids say strange things. Heck, even adults say weird stuff. Throughout my time as a teacher in Chiang Mai, I keep track of the strange things students say to me. Some of the highlights include
  • "Teacher, you look like Ed Sheeran!"
  • "Teacher, I look like Justin Bieber!"
  • Randomly during an exam (the word heist was not on the exam)
    • Student: "Miss, what is a heist?"
    • Me (panicking):"Uh, when someone successfully pulls off something difficult like stealing 5 million baht." *his eyes proceed to bulge out of his head*
  • When writing a review of their favorite film:
    • Gun (student): "Teacher I don't know the characters names."
    • Me: "Gun, this is supposed to be your favorite movie. What do you mean you don't know the characters? You should pick another movie."
    • Gun: "Ok teacher" *Writes a film review about a movie where he doesn't know any of the characters names and just uses pronouns, making it impossible to follow the plot*
  • Student begins waving as my co-teacher and I enter the classroom
    • Me: "Oh you must be happy we're here and to have English class!"
    • Student: "No." *Panics upon realizing he just told me he's not happy to have class
  • Before the classes lunch break
    • Co-teacher: "Would you like your break? What's the magic word?"
    • Student: "Goodbye teacher!" *They proceed to take a break
    • Another student in a different class: "Release me!"
  • I have twins in my grade who are not in the same class
    • Me: "What is your nickname and what is your twin's nickname?"
    • Twin 1: "My nickname is Win. My brother is Won."
    • Me: *internally* Well that certainly is interesting and those are some very confident nicknames. I am now wondering if they chose those names themselves, since many Thai kids pick their own nicknames.
  • Student comes into class hiding something under his shirt
    • Me: "What do you have under there?"
    • Student: "A cat." *pulls out a cat and lets the cat run loose in the room.
      • They don't tell you what to do when a student brings a cat to class when you learn how to be a teacher
  • I didn't have a lesson planned (just being honest), so we played Scattergories.
    • Me: "Name an item of clothing that begins with the letter H."
    • Student: "Horns!...Like a Viking!"
    • Me: "I'll give it to you, I guess."
    • Me: "Name an animal that begins with the letter G."
    • Student: "Grandmother."
    • Me: "Well, that's one answer, I guess."
  • While playing charades
    • Me: "What do you say when you want someone to marry you?"
    • Student: "Where's my ring!"
  • During an exam
    • Student: "Teacher, what is diarrhea?"
    • Me: *Trying not to laugh, but also think of an appropriate way to tell him "It's when you go to the bathroom and can't control it."
  • Student sitting in the back of the room with an ENORMOUS grin
    • Me: "What do you have in that water bottle?"
    • Student: *Lifts up a water bottle "These are my shrimps and they are my new family."
    • Me: *Looking at the live shrimp "Ok great. Just put them away during class. Are you going to eat them?"
    • Student: "Only if they die."
So there you have it, some of the funny things my students have told me throughout the year!


  1. Funny stuff. You are smart to write it down so you'll always remember this!

  2. Very funny!! Thanks for the laughs!