Saturday, November 1, 2014

Belgian Halloween

Hello readers! Of course, Halloween is a favorite holiday among my American comrades, yet this holiday has not really caught on in Europe. Since I, along with a handful of other Americans live in an international dorm, we took on the responsibility to put on a Halloween celebration for our friends here! For the most part, this will be the first Halloween celebration for many of the people in the house!

Of course, dressing up was mandatory and some people got really into it! Since I didn't want to buy anything, I decided to be a flapper this year. I had a headband that fit it perfectly. The only problem was not everyone, especially the internationals knew what I was! Some people in the house were scary, some were funny, but every costume was great! My roommates went as Barbie and a zombie school girl. Some other great costumes were a dinosaur, a bug, three blind mice, and an old man. There was also an abundance of skulls and surgery victims!

Flappers and Lumberjacks!

Myself with my roommate and friend Ashley
To start off the festivities, we participated in the annual Nachbar Huis kitchen decorating contest! I'm president of unit 1,the smallest in the house with 5 of our 7 residents staying for the Halloween celebration. With that in mind. We had a lot of work to do to decorate! For the entire afternoon, we made decorations to decorate our kitchen for a "Haunted Dinner." We made gravestones, splattered blood on a tablecloth, and made nasty dishes to sit with while we ate! We didn't win, but we did win the award for Funniest Decorations for our sign of "real fear" including Ikea on Saturdays, public bathrooms, my Dutch final, and student loans! Unit 1 had an awesome time decorating and then sitting in our kitchen to have dinner before our house party!

Kitchen decorating preparations

Haunted Dinner

The beauties of Unit 1!
What Halloween would be complete without a Halloween party! We rented the common room to put on a party for our housemates and it was a blast! The internationals know how to party! One of the Americans decorated the room with cobwebs and balloons- it looked awesome! Of course, we listened to music and danced, all while eating candy and taking pictures of our crazy costumes! After a while at the house, many of us went out to dance at the Oud Markt to end our night!

House Halloween Party

Halloween is such an American Holiday and I was glad to share it with my friends in the house! My roommates said they had the best Halloween and they absolutely loved dressing up and decorating the kitchen! While it wasn't an American Halloween, it was awesome to give so many people their first Halloween and to share a bit of America with the internationals! I hope you all had as nice to a holiday as I did!

 Unit 1

 My roommate is scary!

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  1. Neat to hear about your Halloween and about how the Dutch/Europeans haven't caught on! Maybe you converted some!!