Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Insta recap #5

Hi readers! I do not have much in the way of Instagram posts as of late. However, I enjoy these Instagram recaps as a way for me to reflect on what I have been up to as of late. Even though I only have two pictures this week, I decided to post them anyway.

I found this picture of my parents from our summer trip to Traverse City, Michigan and I had to post it. I think that I am at the point in the semester that homesickness is starting to kick in a bit, since I have been away for a few months. Posting a picture of my parents reminded me of home.

For Halloween, four of the girls in my unit decided to stay, so we took a group photo in our decorated kitchen. They really enjoyed dressing up for their first Halloween as Pippy Longstocking, a sailor, me as a flapper, a dead schoolgirl, and a Barbie! Such a fun night!

Thanks for reading my blog! I have quite a number of interesting posts planned, so stay tuned!