Wednesday, September 17, 2014

France: The small treasures

In France I experienced more than I ever imagined to in just six days. I have already talked about so much; the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, San Malo and more, Since I posted about the major stuff, I thought it would be nice to post about some of the smaller treasures I found in Paris. I am going to post a few pictures about things that I have not mentioned yet, so let's get started!

They had clementine oranges at a fruit stand in Paris around the corner from my hotel, so naturally I ate one and took a picture of the sign!

Rue du Sommerard, in the Latin Quarter, is location of Hotel Home Latin. Hotel Home Latin was the perfect place to stay in Paris! I loved the blue in the street signs complemented with the green borders.

To be completely honest with you, my favorite meals throughout my week in France were the breakfasts at the Hotel Home Latin! I love breakfast to begin with and French breakfast might be my absolute favorite type of breakfast! I loved having chocolate croissants, baguettes with butter, jam, and cheese, applesauce,yogurt, hot chocolate, and fresh fruit every morning. Seeing this pictures makes me so hungry!

Outside of Shakespeare and Company, we saw some wonderful street performers. I forget the name of the group, but they reminded me of Mumford and Sons, but with a female lead singer! 

On the first night, I saw the Love Bridge in Paris! The amount of locks on the bridge is absolutely amazing. Due to the weight of the locks, some were removed since it was dangerous for the integrity of the bridge!

Here I am outside of Napoleon's tomb, the Dome de Invalides, which is also a has a functioning hospital attached and a wonderfully up kept little garden, which you can see on my right in the photo!

Inside the dome where Napoleon is buried

Inside Shakespeare and company, there is a wall with drawings of many famous authors, so I thought I would pose with F. Scoot Fitzgerald!

 This is the path that I walked out on to get to the Island off the coast of San Malo to watch the sunset with my classmates. It is hard to tell I am standing in water because it was so clear!

I hope you enjoyed my final pictures from France! Au revoir, France!

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