Thursday, September 18, 2014

Insta Recap #2

Hey all! I have had quite the week. Since Tuesday the 9th, I have been attending Dutch class for five hours each day and then I took a midterm Monday! It was a lot of work, but I know I am going to learn quite a lot this semester! Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands- that means "I speak a little bit of Dutch." I also went to Brugge on September 16, so I will be posting more in depth about my time there. Without further ado, my weekly Instagram recap!

On Monday the 9th, we celebrated holiday in Leuven! This meant there was neither class nor work. Instead, there was a carnival all over town with rides and yummy street food. For dinner, I ate an awesome vegan pad Thai on the cobblestone streets and finished with a Belgian chocolate covered strawberry!

On Sunday, I explored the farmers market that occurs every Sunday in Leuven throughout the year. At the market, there was everything from quiche to veggies to local milk to clothes and so much more! On the walk back to the Huis, I had to stop to take a picture with the bread vending machine! Of course, I cannot wait to try it out!

'T Galetje is the BEST gelato I have ever had, I ate there twice this week (oops!) and this is a picture of the tiramisu and cookie, both of which were amazing. The net time I went, I tried the speculoos and had another cookie scoop, which I highly recommend!

 Finally, this Tuesday the 16, I traveled to Brugge, Belgium for the day! This photo was taken inside the Begijnhof, which used to be a religious community of women who were almost nuns, but they never took a religious oath. Today, the Begijnhof is inhabited by nuns. Brugge was wonderful and I cannot wait to tell you all more about it!

Have a great day!